A Great Bread Baking Marathon


Who doesn't love bread?

That's a good question we think. We certainly love making it and eating it, with lashings of butter!

With this all in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to see how much bread we could bake in a day and possibly eat in a day!

The community were invited along to West End Women and Girls Centre, to enjoy sampling, buy the fresh bread on offer and support the local women who'd been working hard.

The smell of the freshly baked bread was a gorgeous smell to be welcomed to. Even better than all our customers enjoyed the bread on offer and went home happy looking forward to their tea.

The support was from the local community was amazing to see with much positive feedback.

'Great idea. Do it more often!'

'Getting freshly baked bread is a fantastic treat'.

'The bread with the tomato and cheese - I will buy everytime. Very nice'.

As the day was so successful, the bakery team is excited to share that a regular date will be set to take place once a month.