Garden Neighbours Project - Ready, Set, Grow!

Yes, spring really is here and we're off! 

Beginning in mid April, our first Garden Neighbours Project session started off on Mill Farm Close in Elswick. 

We were helping Nigel, quite a keen gardener already, who has a small decked backyard with lots of planters. Emma and Shiren were joined by another resident who is already joined up to the Garden Neighbours project too, Muamza. With our second session just up the road in Quarry Bank Court, the sessions have been going great, as word has been getting out. Neighbours are starting to get to know one another and as time goes on, we're hopeful that friendships with blossom!

The Garden Neighbours Project would not be possible without vital funding from Positive People Positive Places, Karbon Homes and Square One Law. 

We can't wait to update you more on how the project 'blooms' over the coming months! 

Emma Hughes