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Celebrating the North East’s Rich Giving History

Philanthropy and giving is a huge part of our region’s heritage. As part of this year’s GeNErosity Festival, we are hosting one of 50 events across the region to celebrate our region’s rich history. The festival aims to celebrate and raise awareness of what philanthropy has achieved in the North East; question, debate and inform the future role of philanthropy in the North East and encourage more philanthropy and philanthropists, in all its forms, by demonstrating the joy of giving and the good it can do.

Just as there is more to philanthropy and giving than money, there is more to baking bread than flour, water and yeast. Our session will be fun and interactive, with participants able to take away their creation. As a bonus, we will be taking guests on a whistle stop tour of Elswick Park.

Find out more about what’s so special about Elswick Park and our Bread Making Social taking place on Monday 26th November here.

Garden Neighbours Project - Back this Autumn!

You may be thinking, ‘gardening in Autumn? Surely the season’s now over to grow!’

Well you’d be wrong there! The Elswick Garden Neighbours Project, working with lots of residents, is planting plants that will flower over the winter and we’re helping residents get their gardens ready for the spring, so they can be ready to grow in when the weather picks up early next year!

This autumn, we are working with residents on the Jubilee Estate and already enjoyed a cracking start! We held our first session on Monday 17th September and had lots of residents come out eager to help each other and share with us what they want the project to achieve. Residents helped us to run two mini garden makeovers planting in pots they already had, as well as upcycled road pipes as you can see in the photos above!

It’s a race against time, working together on as many gardens as possible before it gets too cold to stay green fingered outdoors!

If you live on the Jubilee Estate or would like to volunteer with us on Elswick Garden Neighbours, get in touch! Call 0191 2734942 or email Our volunteering sessions will take place on Monday mornings (10am-12pm) and afternoons (1-3pm).

The Garden Neighbours Project on the Jubilee Estate would not be possible without vital funding from Your Homes Newcastle Community Investment Fund. 

Follow our social media channels for more information and to see what we’re up to! We’re on Facebook Twitter Instagram

Back to School in September but the fun's not over

Elswick Park Summer Celebration

Ahh, we love the summer and a good one we've had. Our crops have been good, giving us lots to cook and give away at West End Women and Girls Centre. But the six weeks fly by and it's soon the start of the new school year. With the thought of uniforms, football shoes and the school runs, isn't it always nice to look forward to something? 

Well, why not join us Saturday 8th September, 11am-1pm, in Elswick Park? There'll be lots to enjoy including free face painting, smooth making and juice bar, arts and craft, free healthy food as well as a chance to support your local West End Community Bakery, Change 4 Life healthy activities, learn about the West End Wild Flower Corridor and PLUS amazing entertainment by young local band! 

We look forward to seeing you along. 

Help us spread the word! 

Saturday 8th September, 11am-1pm, Elswick Park (Elswick Road main entrance)


A Great Bread Baking Marathon

Who doesn't love bread?

That's a good question we think. We certainly love making it and eating it, with lashings of butter!

With this all in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to see how much bread we could bake in a day and possibly eat in a day!

The community were invited along to West End Women and Girls Centre, to enjoy sampling, buy the fresh bread on offer and support the local women who'd been working hard.

The smell of the freshly baked bread was a gorgeous smell to be welcomed to. Even better than all our customers enjoyed the bread on offer and went home happy looking forward to their tea.

The support was from the local community was amazing to see with much positive feedback.

'Great idea. Do it more often!'

'Getting freshly baked bread is a fantastic treat'.

'The bread with the tomato and cheese - I will buy everytime. Very nice'.

As the day was so successful, the bakery team is excited to share that a regular date will be set to take place once a month.